audio mountain by subnation stageworks
Audio Mountain
Stage:- Audio Mountain

Client:- Fox Eco Resort

Location:- Manali Himalayas

Date:- May 15th – June 1st 2012

Audio Mountain was built in 2012 in Manali & remains a seasonal outdoor venue to date. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, a big production stage was designed & built by Subnation Stageworks; Audio Mountain. The concept was to design and construct a stage that would fit into its mountain surroundings, an open air venue that could play music till the early hours of the morning without the use of amplified sound after 10 p.m. This would mean party goers could enjoy the club experience outdoors in a beautiful setting, whilst adhering to the sound laws of India. Once the mountain style stage was built, we would use our wireless headphone technology so silent discos could continue after 10pm or as long as the event required. Subnation’s 3 channel wireless headsets give you flexibility with all genres of music when used in a club environment, but are adaptable to any corporate event which requires translation facilities. We have the ability to travel to any location throughout India even the mountains!! We bring all your event needs to you. Visuals, Fire & Live Performances complete the package making your event unforgettable. Audio Mountain is seasonally based in Manali and has some of the most breathtaking views in India.

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