Bespoke Stages
The Dragon Stage
Bespoke Stages – The Dragon

Client: Bullseye Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Event: Oktoberfest

Location: North Goa-India

Date: 25th – 30th October 2012

The Dragon Stage was designed and built by Subnation for The Oktoberfest Festival 2012 North Goa. Subnation was both the chief designer and project manager for this bespoke stages installation, which included all conceptual and working drawings, for all aspects of the build.

In early 2012 Subnation was approached to put forward a concept for a bespoke main stage at Oktoberfest. A fire breathing dragon was created and agreed by the team, who then set about with sketches, drawings and then to cad design


Subnation created and designed the concepts, all working drawings for the build, we under took all construction work from start to finish. The Dragon was 30 meters wide and 10 meters high when completed, with the DJ booth mounted in the mouth, and fire shooting out of it nose and horns.

From the concept through to fabrication, the handpicked specialised team at Subnation, the bespoke stage took only 6 weeks to complete.

From the first dragon drawings, it was our passion, against any odds that pyrotechnics were to be heavily incorporated into the build, taking festival staging to the next level. Pyrotechnics were to feature in the dragons face & horns, therefore the whole installation had to be fabricated and sculpted from metal.

This was a challenging build for us as the complete structure had to be built off site,  without the opportunity to do a full stage assembly in advance, packed into 6 trucks including a crane and transported to the venue with only 2 days on the festival site to install.

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