WIRELESS HEADPHONE HIRE AVAILABLE for Corporate or Entertainment Events.

Wireless technology enables the client to transmit three signals wirelessly to multiple headsets all within a 100 meter radius. Our wireless technology is widely used at music events and at Public speeches where language translation is required, the transmitted signals go direct to the listeners multiple channel headsets which are base driven and extremely comfortable.

What are the benefits of Wireless Technology?

Music Events – If you are a club a venue or a hotel the wireless technology gives you the freedom to continue your event or function after the 10pm no amplified music national law which we all must adhere to.  This is where the wireless technology comes into their own enabling your club, venue or hotel to continue the event without breaking the law and upsetting your neighbours or guests, allowing your venue to offer its services and hospitality late into the night whilst still keeping the audience captivated and entertained. The Wireless technology is completely user friendly from the transmitting to receiving.  Which means whatever event you are doing instead of shutting off the sound and closing your doors at 10pm you simply send the sound to our transmitters and they will do the rest.

Language Translation – If you are a Company that specialises in conferences, public speeches or lectures which require multiple languages then wireless technology can benefit you in many ways. First and foremost, our wireless technology allows you the freedom to address an audience of multiple languages at the same time, by giving the same information simultaneously to all listeners choosing from one of our three language channels, or the host language being spoken through a live PA giving you a total of 4 languages simultaneously this enables you to get the information across to one captive audience which in turn condenses the programme that you have allowed for a conference, lecture or public speech.

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