venue design by subnation stageworks
Subnation Stageworks takes great pride in building a venue from the beginning, starting at concepts, design, layout, construction and production. We currently have 2 ongoing projects in fantastic locations in India.

We have completed amazing venue designs and builds here in India including (Audio Mountain) Manali – Himalayas and Leopard Valley – South Goa.

An impressive list of DJ’s have performed on our stages from Marco V, Sick Individuals, Disfunktion, Stanton Warriors, Rob Da Bank, Adam Freeland, EZ Rollerz, Emok, Da Fresh, Ticon, Ma Faiza, Dan Booth, Dj Casper, Rob Jay, Dave Harvey, Jukes of Hazzard to name a few…

Venue Design – Leopard Valley
Client: Leopard Valley

Location: South Goa-India

February 2013 – Present (South Goa – India)

Leopard Valley was born in 2013 when Subnation Stage Works came across a hidden gem in a jungle quarry. Overgrown and battered by monsoon, Clint Hale had a vision for the venue. Together with the owner they shared the vision and set to work making it become a reality. The designing and construction of a bespoke stage that would fit in with the look and natural elements of the venue.

Designed and built by Subnation at Leopard Valley South Goa. We became co-founders, creative designers and project managers for this project. The aim to design and install an large open air venue in the south of Goa India. We continue to run the venue and production of every event.

We had a large piece of land that was an old quarry site. We wanted to create stage that would allow DJ’s and performing artists to showcase there talents on an installation that fitted in with the jungle around it.

As the land was just a red dust ball we had a lot of work to do, so to start, we planted thousands of different plants and trees to bring life back to the barren land. Then built a 30 meter wide stone stage area on many levels.

When the stage was finished it stood 10 meters above the crowd complete with waterfall and its own raised dance floor. Then bringing the “famous” columns to their new home. 
The columns would have a pyrotechnics makeover – each of them shooting fire out the top to use the natural light and heat of the flames to bring more life to the venue, and creating a spectacular vibe.
Then we built the 3D projection mapping areas either side of the DJ Area, and with 2x 8,000 Lumin Barco projectors for a great visual show. Now add, lasers, lights, performers, DJ’s and a massive sound system and the dream is coming to life.

The philosophy of Subnation Stageworks is always ground breaking production and shows, to amaze the crowd and take them into an experience like no other………

We worked on every aspect of the venue, from concept, plans, designing the build and ALL construction work from start to finish.

Leopard Valley can hold 3,000 people, open air under the stars, set way back from the road and villages, its a magical location with a very unique atmosphere.

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