Are you planning a marketing campaign, festival or any other type of event that would benefit from a stunning visual projection mapping display?

What we do: Projection Mapping

Projection mapping from department stores to stately homes & entertainment venues to hotels, we are able to transform any building or structure with projection mapping, into a truly amazing spectacle. We strive to push the boundaries to create illusions that will captivate your audience and get your campaign noticed.

How we work:

Our team of in-house experts consisting of dedicated designers, story boarders, 3D Modelers, cad operators & animation artists who will work alongside you to create your vision & bring it to life.

Our clients:

Subnation has an impressive list of clients worldwide including:

  • Sak’s 5th Avenue, New York
  • The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
  • The Festival of Speed, Goodwood, UK
  • The Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam

Agencies we work with:

  • Luminous Experiential – Hong Kong CN
  • Iris worldwide- London – New York USA
  • Imagination – London UK
  • Starlight design – UK
  • HFM lighting – UK
  • North One TV – London – UK


We have a full team of professionals to produce any projection mapping experience. We will have in-house expertly trained and certified Barco projectionists and media server operators, D3 operators, 3D CAD technicians and surveyors. 3D and 2D animation teams to produce quality animations for our clients. Also a production and management team.

Projection Mapping Surveys:

Our dedicated team produce high quality digital surveys for projection mapping. Using state of the art laser scanners and high-accuracy equipment we produce 3D data of the entire projection environment including the projector locations and optimum lens types to suit the location.

  • Data can be provided in any format to suit your software.
  • Projection mapping surveys
  • projection light surrvey copy

Content Creation:

Our 2D and 3D teams have been creating projection animations and incredible illusions for many years and will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements with you. We will produce a story board from your brief. Then, using the 3D model from our survey team we create a unique 3D-mapped animation that is then rendered from the viewer’s position. A bespoke soundtrack to compliment your show can be designed by our expert sound production team or we can use a soundtrack of your choice.

Production and Installation:

Subnation produce some of the longest running and most spectacular projection mapping events in the world for both commercial and private clients.

Our complete package includes event production, content creation, technical support, installation and show control. To ensure total reliability and exceptional results, we use only the best available playback hardware. No matter how large or small, for a truly stunning Projection Show Contact us.

Projectors & Hardware:

Subnation will be equipped with Barco XLM HD30 2k three chip DLP projectors.barco-logo. The HD 30s 30,000 lumens light output is strong enough to conquer any ambient light condition, and project images in deep, saturated colors on a large screens and buildings.

Screens can also be incorporated into any environment and be used alongside projection mapping technologies.

Standard barco lens can be used to create the 2D holographic effect or it can be used with polarised projection systems, utilising standard polarised passive glasses to get the 3D visual effect.

Barco FLM HD20s 20,000 lumen light output, durable projector with full HD capabilities. It is a perfect fit for any large venue that requires extra brightness to show clear, crisp images in a luminous environment.

We will also have a stock of various media servers to assist with any challenging projects and experienced operators at every show. Servers to include the new Barco HDX 400 series, d3 pro servers, the Avolites AI media servers and various mac based server software mad mapper and Millumin.


Holo-gauze is the latest development large scale 3D hologram effects. Holo-Gauze is highly transparent and unique as it can work with 3d polarised projection systems and is also widely used as a 2D hologram effect. The gauze screen can be set up in minutes and is extremely light weight and portable so touring a hologram effect is now very simple.

Geodesic Dome Internal Projection Solutions:

Dazzle your audience

Subnation brings pioneering projection liner technology taking Dome event spaces to the next level.

R screen technology ™ is a seamless projection liner which we have developed to be one of the most advanced projection surfaces available. This creates a complete immersive environment where fantasy blurs the lines of reality.

R screen ™ was developed with our own in house design team and collaboration with our projection partners who were looking for a system that would reproduced any virtual world.

R screen can be configured for different applications whether its 3D projection in passive or active we offer different projection surfaces to suite multiple applications. Subnation projection domes can be hired as a full dome projection space with all the projection equipment included, or we can supply media servers, projectors and our fully qualified technicians.

Live domes is a leader in seamless projection systems, we have developed the R screen technologic which utilizes the latest projection materials in our negative pressure system. The projection liner is a seamless 360° projection screen, this immersive environment is backed up with our media servers. We offer a turn key solution with the fasted dome mapping in the industry saving time and money for our clients.

Imagine & Build
Your universe in a dome.

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